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Hi, welcome to the page.

It was decided some time back to set up a site to provide information for farmers seeking any assistance with feral control and we have finally finished. 


We provide this at no cost and our current area of service is SE and SW Qld to North Western NSW. We hope to extend this area if the need exists.


We are all registered, Licensed and thus insured .

We follow a risk assessment document which we adhere to.


*We target what you want.

* We are respectful and responsible.

*Safety of all persons on or adjoining the property, is our primary concern.

 Myself and the other guys who are part of this all have a full-time job, this is a pastime/hobby - assisting to eradicate feral pigs, deer, cats, wild dogs or any other at your request.  


It's easy to get in touch just use the enquiry button at the bottom and I'll get back to you with any answers you're chasing.

Please have a look at the other pages.

Check out the site.

For a bit of fun: All properties we access, go in the draw to win a $150 Ringers Western voucher, each quarter.

This is a random draw. Next draw end June 2024


I manage a very large cattle property and was having issues with pigs and wild dogs. Got the fellas out and didn't need to worry. Dad spent some fun time with Brett and Carlo as well, which he enjoyed.


Bought a new place and needed help with some pigs. Guys were great, would come out when required and did what needed doing without fuss.


Run, sheep and cattle across a number of different properties. Thought I'd give Brett a go and never looked back. Really honest, nice and trustworthy - important to me.


 We are registered and insured, have a procedure and risk mitigation document which we adhere to.

Also we do this a past-time at no charge.

Feral pig deceased
Buggy and truck for feral control
firearm for feral control

Feral Animal Control



We assist in the destruction of feral pigs, wild dogs, cats, and at the direction of the property owner, kangaroos or other pests as required. . 

We have the standard 4WD, SXS and quads to use we understand some commercial farms do not allow quads due to insurance issues. All equipment is cleaned prior to entering a new property to eliminate invasive weed issues.  

Happy to camp but always welcome a roof or shed if offered.  We also use small drones to search when required and currently reviewing thermal drones.  

Calibers of firearms used are .22, .223, .308, shotgun and .350, subject to need.

We use thermal equipment more these days for more efficient hunting at night. 

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