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Western Queensland stubble paddock

A couple of shooting mates and I decided to put up a web page to help promote the fact we provide our services free to farmers in assisting feral control, be it pigs, dog, cat, deer or goat and other pests.


I’ve been shooting feral pigs and such as a past time for near on 35 years. It really started as a lucky opportunity to meet a family out Gundy way in the early 80’s.


I spent many a day and night on their property shooting pigs and was then introduced to their neighbours to help out on their places. Some years later I was fortunate to meet another lovely family out Talwood way and the rest is really history. From a lucky encounter became a lifelong friendship and hobby, I’m still shooting on their properties to this day, and of course have had the benefit of referrals to help me build some further relationships wth other property owners.

What I’ve and the couple of mates that assist me with this; we all value and respect the Farmer and his asset, and respect the land. 

We all have full time paid jobs in very different areas but we all share the same love of getting away and helping someone deal with feral animal issues who may need it. Again its all provided free.

We are self sufficient and enjoy getting away and camping out but will never knock back a shed roof if its ever offered.

We don’t have or use dogs but have another skilled mate who’s pretty good at that and can call him up if necessary.

I’m very much an open book and happy to chat and answer any question you may have. Can also provide referrals if requested without an issue. Some basic testimonials attached.


We have had extensive experiences, from Orchards, Cattle, Sheep and Goat properties along with large agriculture farming.

To get in contact just fill out the form below and I'll get back to you with answers to your questions. Please take a look at our other pages.

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