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End of year orchard visit

Figured we would spend a few days at the orchard and celebrate New Year’s day driving around knocking over some pigs which we did and so that was a nice start to the year.

Initially the day of arrival we spent some time sighting in my mates new pard night vision scope, took longer than we expected but some our issues and some product set up, however, eventually it was on the money.

Over the couple of days we came to realise selection of scope choice can be a compromise. Thermal is great for night hunting but average during the day, normal optics are great during the day but average at night. Night Vision optics seem to be a compromise between the two but as an optic is a nice unit.

Myself I’ve a thermal scope for night and good optic for daytime and that seems to be the best for me, but each to their own.

We also tested the drones out, given id had mine for near on two years and did take it out but was also concerned id lose the thing or it would simply fly away. Anyway we had both drones out there and they do add another level for recon which proved that if used they can help find things to save driving for the same outcome.

Something we are toying with the idea of now is a thermal drone to assist at night; covering a lot of ground that would save a lot of potential unnecessary time driving.

Just some onlookers

Put him in a car and within mins .........


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