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To kick us off

I thought I could post some pictures in this section of recent activity. This will be a good way for me to get a handle on how this works, working on a web site and the lot, plus hopefully shows what we get up to . We wont ever post names or places just general area.


Recent flooding out Gundy way, trip didn’t happen and i dont own a boat.. Continued rain and regular flooding has caused so much damage to crops and infrastructure. Going to take some time when-it stops raining to repair, replant and start again.


Riverside camp which was a lovely spot for the few days we were there, before the wet came along.


Nice fire nearly ready for some camp cooking


Another cracker river camp, sound of the river running at night helps you sleep.Mind you on this occasion we noticed the river had risen when we returned back later that night and by morning it had come up another meter and we were considering moving to higher ground. Didn’t need to as it did stop rising by midday so we stayed on. Sometimes the surrounding is just magic and being out in this part of Aust is something not taken for granted.


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